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group introduction

hunan zhongke electric co.,ltd. was established in april 2004, and on december 25, 2009 listed on the shenzhen stock exchange gem, is the electromagnetic industry's only a listed company, is the electromagnetic metallurgical industry leaders; is committed to electromagnetic metallur..

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2016 new year's day speech

distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen:
good afternoon! today we are gathered here to celebrate the 2016 new year's day. in this new year, i, on behalf of the electrical division of the board, to all company employees and their families extend festive greetings, wishing new year hello everyone!

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we change the quality of quality change the world

company culture
objective corporate culture, is to effectively manage the enterprise, people-oriented, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, improve business, business development, and expansion of enterprises, so that business people, financial, and material to maximize the use, to enable enterprises to effic..
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  • electromagnetic center introduction

    technical force

    technical services, as the company's external window, is responsible for the company's customers to provide technical advice, support metallurgical processes, equipment tune s..

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marketing network
in the "market-oriented, customer-centric" business philosophy, the marketing team efforts to enhance the core competitiveness, promote the rapid development of business.
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