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distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen:
good afternoon!
today we are gathered here to celebrate the 2016 new year's day. in this new year, i, on behalf of the electrical division of the board, to all company employees and their families extend festive greetings, wishing new year hello everyone!
2015 is about the past trials and hardships of the year, the global economic downturn, the steel industry for more than 80% of the losses, the industry struggling. but in the company's management team under the leadership of all employees work together, forge ahead, the company has withstood the severe test of the market, the basic completion of the annual production and operation plans. this year, the company comprehensively promote the comprehensive management reform, committed to the management of processes, standardization and institutionalization, the company's marketing capabilities, research and development capabilities, project management capabilities, manufacturing capacity "strength" to get stepped promotion; this years, the company vigorously promote technological innovation, trying to develop new areas of magnetic products, made throughout the year 15 granted patents and another 10 patents by the substantive examination, the number of patent applications reached the sum accumulated in previous years; this year, company efforts to develop new products and markets, is eligible to sign a number of multi-mode slab mold and electrical stir tundish channel type induction heating systems and refining large orders. in such a market environment has been achieved is not easy, these achievements, thanks to all the staff worked hard, you also benefited families quietly behind the pay. i take this opportunity on behalf of company employees to you, ladies and families, to express my heartfelt thanks!
upcoming 2016 macroeconomic situation is still complicated and grim. economic downward pressure is still large, the iron and steel industry-wide downturn in the situation will not change in a short time, the electromagnetic competition in the industry will become more intense. fierce battle is inevitable, but at the same time we should also see that the domestic economy has not changed for the better long-term fundamentals, the company's industry position and status is still accurate and stable, challenges and opportunities, difficulties and hopes. ebb tide, liu yong jin, let us redouble our confidence and courage to meet the difficulties and challenges to unity, pragmatic, pioneering and innovative spirit of excellence for the survival and development of the electrical division of the escort. i believe in the electrical division of tomorrow better!
finally, i wish everyone in the new year in good health and beauty, working with italy!
thank you!

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