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we change the quality, quality change the world "is one of the electrical division of the core of enterprise culture." quality changes the world "the key is to realize that clear," meaning quality "and" world "of these two words.

the first kind of understanding

the first understanding is "excellent quality products to participate in the transformation of the world, the construction of social activities, change the image of the world, to improve people's lives and create a new world." this is the basis for understanding this sentence, remain in the "substance "the level of understanding. the world is changing, humans use their wisdom and sweat to create a variety of work tools to speed up the transformation of the world's progress, accelerate the speed of the rise of the new world. mankind enters the material and cultural life richer era, the era of the face of nature more and more confident approach.
100 years ago, chinese people have the idea of building the three gorges dam, the ability to then it would be difficult to do, but do it now, because we have more advanced equipment, we dare the zhantiandoudi. this advanced is to improve the quality, including the quality of advanced, practical, maneuverability and ease of production tools. quality means can obtain greater benefits smaller price. so "quality change the world."

the second understanding

the second is the understanding of "quality" is the person's character, human capacity, human wisdom. this recognition emphasizes the "human" enthusiasm and initiative, recognizing that "man" is the transformation of the core strength of the world or that the fundamental forces. nowadays scientific development and construction of the world embodied the wisdom and sweat. all kinds of advanced production tools is a human invention, various social landscape is a human creation. and then advanced equipment no human hand can not change the world.
not only refers to the quality of people's moral, but also refers to the ability to master scientific knowledge, invention, ability to innovate; only these qualities to really create the world's people, according to human ideals change the world, make the world a better place.

a third understanding

the third understanding: change made in china by the excellent quality worldwide awareness zhongke electrical products. "made in china" has been poor, synonymous with cheap goods, there is no value and technological content of goods, and even make the world believe that china can only produce shoes, cheap clothes. the electrical division that "quality change the world" is to show determination and courage to change the world for the "made in china" poor understanding, let the world know that china can produce high-quality, high-tech products, and thus exhibiting chinese due respect.
and even "zhongke to create" a "made in china" card, even beyond the "made in china" influence. this is a national responsibility and self-confidence.
understanding these three are step by step understanding of sublimation, it is the "quality change the world" a complete interpretation, but the end result is the third recognition in the division manufacturing, the division products will change the world's understanding of china and chinese products .

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