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recently, in order to enrich the cultural life of young employees, the majority of young employees company league organizations to pingjiang most primitive mountain village pure brook township on the theme of "carry forward the spirit of may fourth, show youthful style." mountaineering activities.

pure deep river valleys, its clear streams meander through the primeval forest, forming a stone beetles, jar lake and other attractions. edge of the river and the line, we encourage each other, helped each other, forget the distance of the road, climbing the hardships, then the fun of adventure, chuan lin rustic charm, riding the river fun, self-evident.

the climbing activities to inspire youth to fight, enjoy nature at the same time, deeply felt the company's young employees care. in the future, the company will carry out a variety of leisure and cultural activities for staff to relax in a tight spare time, more full and positive mental state to join the workforce, contribute! (quality hu lu)

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