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liu yi, general manager of the company attended the morning meeting technology systems-凯时手机娱乐app下载

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day with a morning, every morning 8:05, 434 in the office conference room, technology commissioner li yuehua, assistant director of operations jane m center and electromagnetic, electrical centers, technical service department, the department of quality, innovation and development departments head and technical backbone will come together to discuss and coordinate on technical issues and intersectoral coordination and other issues. technology systems morning meeting is liu yi, general manager and technical specialist li yuehua from august 2014 began organizing and planning at september 28, 2015 launch, it has been continued eight months, and achieved good results. june 2, 2015, liu wang rui hr manager and party secretary, also attended the meeting that day.

we express their views at the meeting, liu also actively participate in the discussion, noting that the morning will adhere to the system at the same time, we also hope to explore more conscious management problems, structural problems. because the company's technology management structure currently not in an optimal state, the technical team has not enough capacity strain, optimization and upgrading of products and new product research and development needs to be strengthened. on the system of a famous statement, organizational structure "function system structure determines the system of" technology systems is reasonable to determine the operational efficiency of technical systems, scientific and technological innovation capacity and market adaptability and the like. so we need to gradually adjust and improve the technical system structure, establish a scientific and rational system of innovation, the release of creative energy.

liu also mentioned the "catfish effect", catfish stir in fish living environment, but also the ability to activate a small fish to survive. its essence is a negative incentive, the mystery is activated workforce. recently organized triz training, to some extent also a catfish effect, stimulating the art alive innovative thinking into the storm.

liu morning meeting of the effectiveness of the previous stage, said system made sure hope the morning will be able to do better and better. it was liu proposed for the content and form of the morning will be a few expected: ① hope the morning will be a major coordination problem; ② hope the morning will be a discussion team management and team-building seminars; ③ can best regular accomplishing a technical innovation to solve problems, technical difficulties, organizational structure of brainstorming.

party secretary and human resources manager wang rui also actively participate in the discussion and share their work experiences and insights with you, for the time coordination technology and production systems, and in the urgent delivery date, without affecting production, design staff can provide drawings in batches, concurrent design and production to production. for work attitude, he also raised the company if things as their own things to do, some complex, subtle things, it will become simple, through our efforts are easy to solve, i hope everyone in this state of mind to treat their work.

summer is approaching, several leaders at the meeting on the issue of clothing also requested, according to company policy and we hope that safety requirements dress.

finally, technical specialist li yuehua make concluding remarks, showing adhere to a daily morning meeting at the same time, form and content of the morning will be to make improvements and adjustments, will continue to improve the quality of the morning, so in the morning to play a transition optimization technology system a more active role.

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