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professor land management act, yang kunming university of east indian company to do technical exchanges-凯时手机娱乐app下载

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may 20 morning, kunming university professor yang land management act and the east india company to our technical exchanges. technical exchanges two professors was held in the large conference room on the 4th floor office.
before the meeting, zhang bin, director of the division office representatives i warmly welcome the arrival of two experts, and the experts were introduced the basic situation.

technical exchange meeting, professor yang east india company employees brought in a report entitled "status of the steel industry in canada and the university of toronto research in the field of metallurgical activity". professor yang based on his many years of research experience in the field of metallurgy, canada, university of toronto introduced the current situation of education and school professional presentation, which focuses on the iron and steel metallurgy professional situation. finally, its research team led existing projects situation, are: 1, plasma application in metallurgy techniques; refining technology under 2 maglev conditions; 3, ultrasonic inclusions refining technology; and noted that related electromagnetic metallurgical projects and my company there is a big possibility of cooperation.

subsequently, professor land management act entitled "slab continuous casting electromagnetic brake technology," the academic report, which, professor zhang introduced the basic principle, technical characteristics and metallurgical effects of electromagnetic braking technology, and pointed out the electromagnetic brake technology current problems.

finally, the two professors to your questions make a detailed answer. (contributed by: yao haiying)
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