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august 4, professor of metallurgical and ecological engineering ferrous metallurgy department zhangjia quan beijing university of technology to our company to participate in seminars, company leaders, technical department, sales department and other personnel have participated in lectures and on-site exchange.


professor zhang major research areas include: continuous casting technology, theory and solidification processes, metal thermal physics and high temperature mechanical testing techniques, numerical simulation, metallurgy and materials forming new technology development, relevant papers have been published in the "metall & mater trans b. "," science "," millennium steel "and so on.

professor zhang explained the day's theme of "segregation slab morphology and high-carbon steel mesh cementite formation mechanism,""special steel casting internal quality control technology," professor zhang explained in layman's language, lively, to each lecture people left a deep impression, after school we would like to have said professor zhang's lecture style learning in later exchange is not dull to vivid. at the meeting also we had a full discussion of the metallurgical equipment, metallurgical processes, and so intrusive nozzle shape a new understanding.

i talk to is an important part of our foreign exchange, the company is set up for us to understand the new technology platform. market changes, we need this kind of communication, take full advantage of new technologies, new situation.

afternoon, professor zhang li aiwu with company directors and company executives liu yi, yao wave, zhangzuo liang, xu zhonghua and so cordial conversation, after the company hired professor zhang jiaquan metallurgists and posed for pictures.


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