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tianjin pipe group co., ltd. is the largest seamless steel pipe production base, in order to improve the company's competitiveness and broaden the scope of the market, the company decided to produce high-alloy steel and stainless steel round billet, for which two steel mills of the original 6 6-strand caster machine was modified and equipped with an electromagnetic end i produced the hollow core structure brass stirring equipment, electromagnetic stirring this structure particularly adapted to the end of the harsh environment, has a long life, the effective range of long stirring metallurgical effect, power, water, security, etc., is the best choice - ems.
the entire system in november 2006, the first successful hot test, so far, the system is quite stable, metallurgical effect is quite good, highly recognized and evaluated tianjin steel tube company, in order to achieve the production of high-alloy steel and stainless steel products to lay a solid round billet basis.
location is very important to determine the end of the joint is determined by vai, tianjin steel tube company and professor mao bin metallurgical casting my company (a fixed location), another good metallurgical results and stable operation of the continuous casting machine is inextricably linked .
1, continuous casting machine parameters:
streams: 6 strand arc radius: 10.5 m slab specifications: φ210, φ270
steel: 13cr, hp13cr, sup13cr, 9cr1mo like, high-alloy steel
pull speed: stainless φ210 1.3m / s φ270 0.9m / s
high-alloy steel φ210 1.8-2m / s φ270 1.0-1.1m / s
2, metallurgical effects:
a, solidified the center get a good fine equiaxed grain zone (greater than 30%).
b, center shrinkage is reduced to 0.5.
c, center crack basically eliminated.
d, center porosity is reduced to 0.5.

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