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henan jiyuan iron & steel co., ltd. is a large steel backbone enterprises annual total of 2.6 million tons of steel, the main products are bar, screw steel, high-speed wire and cold heading steel, the company is to increase capacity and production of high variety of steel, heavy commission mine design and production of a four-strand caster machine four, and with my company's end of the hollow core mold + brass formula electromagnetic stirring equipment. such a structure of a magnetic stirrer with a long service life, the effective length of the stirring area, metallurgical effect, less post-maintenance, power, water, security and other characteristics, especially suitable for the end of the harsh environment, with respect to the water-cooled flat wire winding structure is the best choice - ems, is also a kind of development in the future direction of the electromagnetic stirring.
the entire system in december 2006 put into operation a success, to date, the system is stable, metallurgical effect is quite good, the central carbon segregation ≤1.1, jigang quite satisfactory.
position at the end of the (three-point adjustable position) on heavy mineral and my co-determination, in addition to good metallurgical results and stable operation of the continuous casting machine is also inseparable.
a continuous casting machine parameters
flow: 4 4 flow machine arc radius: 10 m slab size: 150 × 150 220 × 220
steel: 45 65 75 82 65mn 60sizmn etc.
pull speed: 150 × 150 3.1m / min 220 × 220 1.8m / min
second, the effect of metallurgical
1, equiaxed grain zone ≥50% 2, center shrinkage level ≤0.5
3, the central porosity ≤1.0 4, center segregation level ≤1.1
mould ems terminal ems 

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