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liuzhou iron and steel co., ltd. is an annual output of 600 million tons of steel in large iron and steel enterprises, its leading products plate enjoy a high reputation in the market, in order to improve the internal slab quality, the development of new varieties of steel, after a lot of market research and analysis on the 4 # caster decided to use my company's high-field electromagnetic stirring roller equipment, such high magnetic field of electromagnetic stirring roller is my company draw on the basis of similar foreign products, independent research and development on behalf of the world the most advanced technology products, the electromagnetic force is about 2.5 times that of similar foreign products.
the entire system is put into operation in december 2007, to date, the system is stable, especially for billet internal cracks, center segregation and equiaxed significantly improved and enhanced metallurgical effect is quite good, get up and down liu gang praise. improve the internal slab quality steel made of willow ship certification, provide a key device, is also on the # 7, # 8 caster addition of two high-field electromagnetic stirring roller equipment.
casting machine parameters
machine type: straight arc continuous casting machine machine 1 stream
arc radius: r10m
strand section: thickness 180 200 220 250 width 1000 ~ 1850
steel: q235 q345 16mnvq x60 x80 rt3 automobile steel

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