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electromagnetic center - one of the main research and development technology, since the company was founded since, the positioning in the high-tech field, focus on the development and design of electromagnetic metallurgy products.

strong technical force
electromagnetic center has a strong r & d team: more than 80% of the existing members of the master's degree or higher, and all members have more than three years of work experience.

electromagnetic center and beijing university of technology, northeastern university and other research institutes to establish a long-term strategic technology partnerships, and take the road of combining production and research, the company metallurgy products technical level has always been to keep pace with the world advanced level.

sound equipment condition

electromagnetic center is equipped with high-performance servers, to meet the various needs of medium-sized numerical simulation.

advanced technical achievements

electromagnetic center has a number of patented technologies, and a number of research projects won national and provincial research awards. winners of the main research results are as follows:

time item

project name

reward title


slab secondary cooling zone high roller thrust electromagnetic stirring device

key patents in hunan province


tundish channel type induction heating and refining equipment

through the identification of china machinery industry federation, has made identification certificate


multi-mode slab mold electromagnetic stirring device



strip electromagnetic induction heating device


mature product
self-developed multi-mode slab continuous casting mold electromagnetic stirring flow control device in order to solve the primary purpose of the slab surface quality, double-sided traveling magnetic field to achieve the molten steel in different working conditions of a variety of mixing patterns, production surface quality cars, ships, and other appliances and demanding special steel key equipment.
just a completely independent property rights tundish channel-type induction heating equipment and refining the technology to fill in the gaps by precise control of tundish superheat achieve the best grades of constant temperature and superheat casting casting speed, and active removal remaining in tundish small inclusions for improving the slab quality, increased even cast species, improve the rate of finished casting and production efficiency has important strategic significance for the development of high-quality special steel industry, significant energy savings induction coil insulation technology which uses the intermediate enclaves cut off vortex technology and high-performance composite cooling technology in the domestic leading position.
slab secondary cooling zone of high electromagnetic stirring thrust roller pole plug-in device to achieve a traveling magnetic field magnetic stirring force, metallurgy and good effect, but also retains the roller traveling magnetic field magnetic stirrer easy to install, low cost , do not change the structure of the advantages of continuous casting machine, the direction of the slab becomes secondary cooling zone electromagnetic stirrer development.
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