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general manager of yueyang peak technology co., ltd. liang jie to visit the company exchanges-凯时手机娱乐app下载

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september 16, general manager of yueyang peak electronic technology co., ltd. liang jie to our company for 3d printing and 3d printing industry-related information exchanges. liu yi, general manager, deputy general manager and chief operating officer xu zhonghua, deputy director zhang zuoliang run financial, technology and innovation development commissioner li yuehua, electrical centers, electromagnetic centers, technical services and other related personnel attended the seminar.

total beam focuses on the following aspects of the case: 1.3d printing technology and its development in china; 2 yueyang pinnacle of electronic science and technology co., ltd. 3d printing industry development; 3 pinnacle major technology products and applications introduced; 4. . pinnacle of technology in the future development plan. total beam spot also brings a lot of 3d printing products, we are very interested in 3d printing technology, and the total beam explore the 3d printing technology application scenarios, as well as the company's products used in the manufacturing process may be, and both sides can expect in more areas of cooperation to achieve win-win situation.

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