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vice governor of hunan vice governor chen and his entourage to visit our company-凯时手机娱乐app下载

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september 1, the provincial standing committee and executive vice governor chen zhaoxiong, sheng ronghua yueyang municipal committee, mayor liu and students, city leaders chen qida, fan jinjun and other leaders to visit our company. over the new chairman, general manager liu yi, operations director xu zhonghua warmly welcomed the visitors, on behalf of the company and visitors a warm welcome.

vice governor chen has visited the exhibition in the division of history and culture. in the presentation hall staff, leaders within the family history and showrooms numerous products have a deep understanding of, in front of each booth can not help but stop and linger. the company's multi-mode high-tech products slab continuous casting mold electromagnetic stirring and flow control technology and tundish electromagnetic induction heating technology to be highly of the company's development and construction of the speed and effectiveness affirmed. the tour ends on the occasion, vice governor chen asked me to continue to increase the company's efforts to create a brand, improve value-added products and enhance market competitiveness, and promote enterprises bigger and stronger.

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