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hunan provincial people's congress and the leadership of the office of science and technology to visit the company research-凯时手机娱乐app下载

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at 10:00 on october 22, hunan provincial people's congress standing committee, science, education committee chairman liang er source and vice chairman dongyue lin, deputy secretary of the hunan provincial science and technology department, deputy director yang zhiping, science, education committee members provincial people's congress wujian song, yang li npc, director of provincial people's congress appointed unesco office tian zicheng science, education, high-tech at the provincial science and technology department director liu qi, deputy director of policy and regulation department and the office of science inventory and yueyang municipal people's congress, municipal science and technology bureau on line scientific and technological innovation to company research. ms. yu, chairman of new personally received and accompanied the research group staff visited the company showrooms.

liang and his party members to learn more about the company's multi-mode high-tech products slab continuous casting mold electromagnetic stirring and flow control equipment and tundish electromagnetic induction heating and refining equipment, the company developed products to give a high evaluation, and affirmed the company's development and construction speed and results. companies hope make persistent efforts, the use of existing resources to enhance the transformation of scientific and technological innovation, and establish and improve personnel training mechanism innovation, and constantly improve the ability of independent innovation.

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