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hunan zhongke electric co., ltd. yueyang city won the first top ten enterprises integrity award nomination-凯时手机娱乐app下载

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to practice the socialist core values, deepening the national civilized city construction, boosting the yueyang municipal proposed "a three pole should" wild city construction committee of civilization, municipal integrity of the leading group in the city organized the first "top ten corporate integrity.""top ten integrity of character" awards ceremony on november 25, 2015 held in south lake hotel. li zhijian yueyang city leaders, wei xiong, xu xinqi, attended the ceremony. hunan zhongke electric co., ltd. yueyang city won the first "top ten enterprises integrity" award nomination, ms. yu, chairman of the new company also invited to attend the ceremony.
hunan zhongke electric co., ltd. is committed to create a corporate integrity, and repeatedly won the city integrity enterprises, the honorary title of "credible" enterprises. we value the honors, we will continue to take concrete actions to strictly observe the provisions of good faith, to strengthen credit management, and consciously accept social supervision.
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