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is a new year's day, is a joyous night, december 31, in the division of electrical preparation awaited new year's party in multicolored lights, and look forward to the whole company in the grand curtain.
"dancing youth roar world", by a group with an average age over 50 years old grandfather who opening lion dance, magnificent, whiskers wind, dance of passion, but also ignited in the electrical division 2016 dream; dance " tage dance "," musical "comedy" tyrant, we be friends, "dance" debut villain dance "and other programs, give festive holiday brought a warm spring breeze, as the show progresses, thunderous applause after another, the laughter on stage one after another will show to a climax.
the party of the electrical division, 2015 12 advanced workers, a good team and a group of "zhongke e home" outstanding contributor for the award of their year's work and pay in recognition.

happy time is always very short, with "tomorrow will be better," the sonorous voice, two-hour evening came to an end in the moving and dismay. in the years drew to a close, the party for the electrical division opens tomorrow a better future.

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