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liu yi, general manager was named 2015 annual yueyang city, the introduction of high-凯时手机娱乐app下载

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according to "strengthen the high-level creative talent introduction (for trial implementation)" (yue fa [2015] no. 4) and "high-level innovative talents operational measures for examination and approval" by gf launch, qualification, expert review and field inspection and other procedures, to determine the 2015 annual anthropogenic liu yideng 17 yueyang high-level creative talents (team) selected object city hospital postdoctoral research collaborative r & d center for the provincial science and technology innovation platform.
liu yi: 1983-1990 graduated from hunan university and huazhong university of science, bachelor, master's degree from 1990 to september 2012 worked in the chinese academy of science and technology foundation, gan business joint co., ltd., china jingu international trust investment companies, securities companies shenzhen special economic zone, hna group headquarters and other units in senior management positions (gan business joint ltd. deputy general manager, hainan airlines group any headquarters strategy and investment director). 2009-2011, presided over the acquisition and integration of jiangxi electronics group, a success, the industry as a model for the integration of china's electronics industry. in 2011, hna group headquarters in senior management personnel (2015, china's top 500 enterprises no. 99, the world's top 500 enterprises no. 464). 2013 to date, the company has served as deputy general manager, general manager, the first presided over the listed companies in hunan have established a comprehensive, systematic, standardized management system innovation, industry associations and received high praise authorities. in the company's innovative approach to promote the application of triz theory, trained five hunan certified engineer innovation, the company was selected as the promotion and application of innovative methods of demonstration bases in hunan province. relying on "innovation management system," the company's performance improved significantly this year, a total of 40 utility model patents, three patents, part of the patent to obtain the 16th china patent prize and hunan patent award.
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