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mc01 series automatic recovery of ore electromagnetic separator-凯时手机娱乐app下载

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this series is to remove harmful elements from the magnetic iron ore specifically designed. its duty is td = 10%. when using hanging on the conveyor belt, and the need with electric trolley, metal detectors, pc program-controlled rectifier control equipment. by attracting, sorting, in addition to iron, recycling and other programs automatically, and safely remove harmful elements from the magnetic iron ore transported while being sucked ore will automatically be recovered back to the belt conveyor.

it applies from magnetite ore, sinter, pellets removed ferromagnetic foreign bodies. 

1, the power consumption of the cold three power values representing different power voltages.
2, 1.5 ton electric trolley weight 115kg, power 0.75kw, installation of high-280mm, the use of beam 25. three tons, 5 ton electric trolley weight 180kg, power 0.8kw, installation of high-350mm, using no. 32a-32c beam. (gb706-65)

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