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separators is a powerful magnetic field to produce attractive equipment, widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal preparation plant, power plants, ceramics, glass, cement, building materials, chemical, food, feed, refuse disposal industry. it can be mixed in the material of the ferromagnetic impurities removed to permit only the delivery system crusher, grinding machines and other equipment safe and normal work, and can effectively prevent, long iron pieces draw off crack lose belt accident occur, can also significantly improve the quality of raw materials.

i produced electromagnetic separator, through the introduction and assimilation of foreign advanced technology, using computer optimized design, it has formed electromagnetic, magnetic water into two categories, a variety of specifications of products, with a large magnetic potential, permeability deep, strong suction, consumption low energy, environmental adaptability, safety and reliability.

1, fully enclosed natural cooling structure, to prevent moist air, dust and harmful gases erosion coil. strong adaptability to climate and the environment, indoor and outdoor use.
2, with a special magnetic circuit design, permeability depth, and spatial geometry of the magnetic field is approximately rectangular hemispherical. therefore, compared with other similar products are more attractive.
3, installed in the middle position of the belt conveyor, determine the products of iron removal capability. if it is to install and use, iron removal capacity can be increased by 30% in the nose position.
4, the ability to remove iron hot current assessment as an important indicator of performance, which is more practical and more effective functioning of the separator.

5, supporting good product performance, a variety of functions qi fen rectifier equipment, can adapt to the requirements of a variety of occasions.

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