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jt series signal cable reel is one of the products developed by our company, which is used to transfer the signal cable take-up and release of weak signals, such as tension and compression sensor signal cable, when the mobile device is detected, the cable reel flexibility to track testing equipment or release coiling cable, the cable can be avoided without the stacked pull-off occurs, the phenomenon of pressure off the cable, in order to ensure the smooth progress of inspection work.
structural features:
1, jt series signal cable reel a differential ring structure, to achieve non-contact signal transmission cable, the agency won the national invention patent, patent number 86,211,066.
2, roll tail bit limited protection mechanism to prevent sudden signal cable fracture, accelerate the roll rotation, differential ring damage.

3, using scroll spring-powered, rotary drum laying cable, do not consume energy themselves, automatically and flexibly reel cable, reliable cable wear is minimal.

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