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cable reels overview

to accommodate portable electric power needs, such as lifting magnet, electric flatbed, all kinds of cranes, power grab, our company design and production of technologically advanced, high performance power cable reel. according to close sources power cable, divided into two kinds of spring-loaded reel cable reel and electric cables.

spring cable reels

jt elastic cable reel series is the introduction of internationally accepted winding reel cable technology to scroll spring force, the spring energy storage automatic cable winding mechanism. having a single flashlight for safe and reliable operation, cable moderate force and so on. a compact, appearance slip ring built-in, easy maintenance slip ring exterior style and a longer cable coiling cantilevered three sizes of products for users to choose.

structural features:
1, using the scroll spring-powered, do not consume energy themselves, reliable work.
2. using collector slip ring - brush holder structure-borne energy to supply continuous and smooth.

3, can be reversed mechanism is provided to prevent the roll reversal broken spring.

electric cable reel
electric cable reel for taking up large-sized, long-distance power supply cable, can do portable electric retractable sync cable. its dynamic form, can be divided into electric torque motor and three-phase asynchronous electric motors.
roll control loop provides an interface to the main control circuit, synchronous step portable electric automatic retractable cable and equipment torque adjusting means for adjusting cable tension, extend the life of the cable.
existing winding 500v power cables and 6kv, 10kv high voltage cable and other electric reel specifications.

cable reel installation schematic 

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