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selection guide
1, the company can design and manufacture a variety of cable reel, reel signal, hose (conveying gas or liquid) reel.
2, the lighter weight of the cable, move a short distance, the general scroll spring powered, heavier cable, long distance moving, generally adopts torque motor or three-phase induction motor as the driving force. according to the site, it can also be used as an external drive or power hammer.
3, elastic cable reel for ac 500v or less straight roll a variety of mobile electronic equipment.
4, the winding length of the cable installation diagram "l" subject, with cable lengths are:
① a way to l + 3 laps
② mode b is 1 + h + 3 laps (where h value must be specified when ordering).
③ mode c, d, in order to l + h + h + 3 laps.
④ mode e, f, with cable lengths, determined according to the user site, when ordering otherwise noted.
5, pattern c spool fixed on the ground, to close, when laying cable, the cable there is a relatively friction with the ground, this time in cable raceways are within a trajectory to reduce cable wear.
6 way f (floating winding) in the general press h = 0.14l, h = 0.5h considerations, such as h <0.14l, h 7, cable reels mounted on single beam for driving and equipped with electric hoist can be formulated special roller bracket parts to install and use.
8, the cable reel winding and direction of the cable in the dimensional drawing has been identified. special requirements must be specified when ordering.
9, cable lengths over 30 meters (including 30 meters), a user-supplied cable.
10, this type reels are listed in various styling products, if the user specifically requested letter asked people to consult together.

model description 

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