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1, four values represent different capacity within the output voltage, rated output capacity of the device.
2, the maximum capacity of the equipment exceeds 45kw, rectifier transformer outside is attached.

3, users have special requirements, through the negotiation of technical specifications for the appropriate changes.

1, "cross interface signal" column "check in addition to pieces of iron" refers to the detection of the magnetic material and removing pieces of iron, "in addition to check the metal" refers to a magnetic material, and both detected magnetic metal (such as iron pieces) and the need to detect a non-magnetic metal (such as high manganese steel), and the magnetic metal separator by the automatic inspection addition, only refers to non-magnetic metal collar conveying belt stop, in addition to manual inspection.
2, the output signal interface is passive contact, "belt stop" interface is a pair of normally open and one normally closed contact; providing a pair of normally open contacts on other interfaces principle.
selection and considerations
mc01 series equipped with automatic recovery type ore separator to the separator with the largest cold power consumption is not more than the rated capacity of the original measure.
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