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gtb10- □ / □ -plc magnetic power protection equipment, is a new generation of magnetic security devices. it is controlled by a programmable industrial controller with past contacts relay control equipment, compared with a reliable, good performance, compact structure, suitable for flexible, simple maintenance, easy debugging. mainly for work during a time value, and other aspects of the control switch to replace the contact-relay control.
gtb10- □ / □ -plc security magnetic power electronic control device series, is designed for lifting magnets work feeding the electric control device. the electronic control device for solenoid forward excitation (suction), reverse demagnetization (discharge), paul magnetic power outage or system failure, and may apply to the backup power supply (battery) fully automatic charging. once a power outage or system fails for any reason, the electronic control device can automatically put into the standby power supply, and the police to ensure the electromagnet will not be powered off to avoid sudden drops of electromagnets lift material, equipment or cause personal injury, and dc braking control volume in a machine will co-lifted safety material down to the ground. 

the main technical parameters, complete sets of equipment, refer to gtb8 series magnetic power protection equipment.
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