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lifting magnet magnetic power protection device is both a lifting electromagnet feed rectifier control equipment operation, and its job site security system. it can work at the same time lifting electromagnet standby power supply floating charge. when the lifting magnet suction state but in case of a sudden power outage grid, can switch power on their own to ensure that lifting electromagnet is sucked material will not fall, and other equipment to ensure the safety of the job site. it is widely used in metallurgy, ports and other industries.
gtb8 products for my company developed for general use occasions; lpb2 series for the introduction of technology products, is a new generation of magnetic transfer, magnetic security devices. ctb8- □ / □ q series require strong excitation occasions both magnetic power failure protection function.
paul magnetic power equipment production company, with significant features under:
1, when the lifting magnet suction working condition, in case of a sudden blackout grid can automatically for access "security magnetic system", guaranteed to be sucked without falling objects, and alerts, to ensure personal and equipment safety.
2, to ensure that sucked was not to fall at the same time can be controlled to open the crane lifting mechanism of dc electromagnetic brake, so security was being sucked put to the ground.
3, complete sets of equipment is good, with a special charging equipment and improve the detection and alarm display device.
4, sealed maintenance-free lead-acid batteries with a high discharge rate, long life, no maintenance staff and so on.

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