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this series of large-capacity permanent magnet lifter, made significant improvements in the original yy series of permanent suction hanging on, it is currently a major industrial revolution of electromagnetic or permanent magnet lifting industry product, the specific characteristics of gifted as follows:
1, the use of rare earth ndfeb magnetic materials, the option to use scientific principles of magnetic circuit production, large magnetic field strength, small size, light weight.
2, to overcome the traditional lever-type permanent magnet lifter easy to stick iron, can not be demagnetized away materials and other defects.
3, in addition to smoke hanging steel at room temperature, but for a regular shape metal parts and bulk materials can also be ideal absorption and desorption. abandoned the original yy series of permanent magnet lifter can only smoke hanging limitations steel.
4, high efficiency, energy saving, automatic suction, discharge, easy operation and maintenance.
5, long life.

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