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general lifting magnet, the magnetic field generated by the coil is energized to complete adsorption of ferromagnetic material being sucked (steel), and hardships throughout the lifting process must be energized continuously to maintain the adsorption of being sucked thereof. in the personnel and equipment-intensive job shop, warehouses, docks, etc., in order to prevent accidental stopping point caused by dangerous falling object being sucked produced, usually lifting magnet must be equipped with a magnetic power protection device (ie battery) in order to suddenly as backup power during a power outage. this not only greatly increases the weight of the device, but also makes the equipment installation, commissioning and future use, maintenance becomes very cumbersome. nevertheless, since it is impossible to exclude the occurrence of an electrical fault caused by the non-predictability of outages (such as connecting a cable to pull off an electromagnet, etc.), and thus it remains a security risk.
permanent magnets and electromagnets only smoke hanging discharge instantly energized, but in the process of being lifted by the permanent magnet is attracted to the adsorption material, the adsorption time is quite long (theoretically infinite length), thus absolute security. do not worry about unexpected power failure, there is no need to worry about non-predictable electrical malfunction was being sucked fall, causing personnel or equipment damage. therefore, the need to ensure the absolute safety of personnel and equipment of the place, it is very suitable for the permanent electromagnet has advantages unmatched by general lifting electromagnet.
permanent magnets and electromagnets by eliminating the bulky cumbersome magnetic power protection devices, thus not only greatly reduce the weight of the equipment installation conditions more conducive to driving, reducing traffic load, but also makes use, maintenance becomes very convenient and simple.
in general lifting magnet lifting process must always be energized, and thus energy consumption, but only in the permanent magnet suction, discharge instantly energized, the time is only about 1 second, and thus the energy consumption is very low, only a general lifting solenoid about 5% iron. thus the transmission lines can not reach the field, they are generally powerless electromagnetic lifting, while the permanent electromagnet be able to use the batteries work.
because of the permanent electromagnet has the advantage over general lifting electromagnet incomparable, thus has been a professional and technical personnel in research and development goals, in foreign countries, only a few industrialized countries in europe have reported industrial operation. it is one of the world's latest high-tech.
the inventors have devoted themselves to developing a successful novel permanent magnet solenoid (dual source the permanent magnetic lifter) fusion research electromagnetic processing and electronic technology, using the latest high-tech magnetic materials, a fundamental solution to the previous domestic development permanent electromagnet ubiquitous technology, however, the use of unreliable, the actual use of bad problems.
its outstanding features are:
a) guaranteed in theory actually used absolutely reliable, long life;
b) simple and reasonable structure, light weight, high suction lift capability, use, maintenance is very convenient;
c) energy consumption is very low, only 5% of the following general lifting electromagnet;
d) high temperature can be used in the following 500 ℃.
the technology from 94 years of national patents, has been five years of actual operation, stable and reliable performance, with favorable results, the main technical performance indicators have reached the international advanced level. on this basis, in 2001 he won the high temperature permanent magnet solenoid patents.
1, for lifting steel type:
a) greater than the thickness of a single plate 10mm (thickness less than the required specially designed 10mm);
b) a variety of billets, slabs and large channel, beam, etc;
c) surface roughness of various types of large steel ingot.
d) scrap (not recommended)
2, suitable temperature
a) normal temperature, the maximum temperature of not more than 100 ℃;
b) high temperature, the maximum temperature not greater than 500 ℃.
3, site of use: indoor and outdoor use.
4, the power supply supporting the use of several forms:
a) supporting the use of the cabinet, for iron and steel plants, shipyards, factories and other mechanical lifting steel billet, steel ingot;
b) supporting the use of the battery, suitable for grasping steel machine, crane, ships and other hard to reach places transmission line lifting steel scrap.

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