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lifting magnet is a kind of sucked was the "keeper" special dc electromagnet, widely used in metallurgy, mining, machinery, transportation and other industries, iron and steel serve as an important tool for moving heavy objects, for different types of objects being sucked, design a variety of categories of structural forms of lifting magnet, the anshan iron and steel, wuhan iron and steel, shougang, baosteel and other large steel enterprises play a huge role.
product features:
1, fully enclosed structure, waterproof performance.
2, computer optimized design, reasonable structure, light weight, suction, low energy consumption, safety and reliability, installation, and maintenance is simple.
3, excitation coil special treatment process to improve the coil of electrical and mechanical properties, thermal insulation material level to c-level, long service life.
4, high-temperature insulation electromagnet unique way, the temperature of which is drawn up from the past 600 ℃ to 680 ℃, it expanded the scope of the electromagnet.
selection guide
1, when the suction temperature below 100 ℃ material transport, please use the type of room temperature exceeds 100 ℃, please choose high temperature. chaoguo 600 ℃, please otherwise noted.
2, power sustained rate of over 50%. please use high-frequency type.
3, when the water absorption hanging material, please use the diving (diving depth of not more than 100m). submersible solenoid parameters and parameters of the same type at room temperature. if users need diving type, please note when ordering.
4, equipment: when a single use, press the power consumption (current) selection rectification control equipment and auxiliary equipment; more than when combined, according to the number of units associated with the consumption of power (current) and the selection.
model description 

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