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★ thermal power: induced draft fan, blower, dust blowers, compressors, sewage pumps, boiler feed pumps, etc.
★ metallurgy: fan, dust fan, fan, mud pump, cleaning pumps, etc.
★ petroleum, chemical: the main channel pumps, injection pumps, circulating pumps, boiler feed pumps, electric submersible pumps, brine pumps, fan, cleaning pumps, etc.
★ municipal water supply: water pump, etc.
★ sewage treatment: sewage pumps, purification pump, water pump, etc.
★ cement manufacturing: furnace fan, pressure blower, vacuum cooler fan, raw mill, kiln air supply fan, cooler exhaust fan, sorter fan, the main vacuum blower, etc.
★ paper: beater, etc.
★ pharmaceuticals: cleaning pump, etc.
★ mining industry: the mine drainage pump and exhaust fans, pumps and other media
★ other: wind tunnel tests

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