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ac motors consume over 60% of china's total generating capacity, of which about 70% of the motor requires variable load. these motor adopts frequency control, energy-saving rate of about 30%. frequency control has become an important energy-saving technology promotion by the government and enterprises widespread attention.

high-voltage power unit in series digital converter, hunan branch electric co., ltd. is the use of sophisticated inverter technology, consistent with the latest control theory, integrated use of modern power electronics technology, computer control technology, low inductance busbar technology, using the dsp multi-level control technology, fpga multi-pulse phase-shift trigger technology, optical signal transmission and isolation technology, developed from the many years reflects converter technology research and application of technology and the latest achievements of the precipitation, the starting point for high technology, flexible application portfolio ,wide range of applications.
cshf series of high-voltage inverter using mature and stable multi-level topology of single-phase two-level inverter module series, modular design and manufacturing technology, the power unit modules can be interchanged, voltage flexible combination, easy to maintain. the windows all-chinese interface, friendly interface, convenient parameter setting, run the report can be printed.
cshf series of high-voltage inverter main circuit switching device of choice for the international production technology and advanced igbt device, the selected igbt drive module with excellent drive and protection functions, control system places the united states ti's excellent performance dsp microprocessor core, multi-channel pulse generator for the company's well-known american alter fpga, widely used in the periphery of the intel family of microcontroller, plc controller, other main components of domestic enterprises, joint ventures or excellent products to ensure stable and reliable product quality.

cshf series of high-voltage inverter and the load on the external grid motor harmonic pollution and damage to insulation, high efficiency, is worthy of the "environmentally friendly drive."

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