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intermediate package with foreign existing induction heating systems compared in the division electrical products advanced technology, the company's products from the project to the final shape of the breakthrough creative and use more than a dozen core patented technology include: high voltage inverter technology and environmental protection and energy complex cooling technology , in conjunction with unique insulation technology, high-power special compensation technology to improve power factor of green technology, switching technology without interference, dynamic temperature monitoring and early warning technology, the transformation of mechanical reinforcement package security technology, refractory corrosion protection technology, technical arcuate channel , so that low-carbon energy products become high, fine, sharp equipment, can effectively promote the production, product upgrading and restructuring of high-quality special steel, iron and steel enterprises to improve production efficiency, economic efficiency and overall competitiveness of our country from the iron and steel big country to steel power of great significance.

category tundish electromagnetic induction heating technology tundish plasma heating technology
branch electrical products foreign products
power and frequency uses a unique frequency power supply high voltage and frequency control technology, both to reduce the induction heater 50% by volume, and energy-efficient high-pressure common frequency power supply, resulting in high-voltage equipment bulky ordinary commercial power supply, inefficient waste of resources
cooling of new composite cooling: efficient, safe, air-cooled: low cooling efficiency: a security risk
since the devices are small scope, it applies not only to the addition of a new continuous casting line of the device, but also suitable for retrofitting existing continuous casting lines due to the large volume of equipment, only for the addition of a new continuous casting line in view of the device itself is defective it applies only to 40t over the package, and large casting and casting a long period of bloom and slab casting
based on the principle of electromagnetic induction heating mechanism, with induction current induced in the molten steel inside the joule heat is applied to the molten steel flowing through the channel, so that electrical energy into heat energy into steel water easily ionized by the ar plasma arc column generated electrical energy into heat energy to make and then rely on thermal radiation to heat the molten steel surface
precision temperature control and heating efficiency of the heating efficiency of greater than 90%, and the target temperature of the temperature control accuracy ± (2-3) ℃ heating efficiency of 60-70%, and accuracy of temperature control target temperature ± 5 ℃
influence of steel non-polluting, and can purify the molten steel, can effectively reduce 25μm or less small inclusions and the content of the gas dissociation and ionization of nitrogen led to increased steel 6x10-4%
impact on the environment substantially free of noise and electromagnetic radiation, noise, electromagnetic radiation intensity
heating equipment maintenance and basic maintenance, and does not need additional aid, low running costs plasma torch cathode material needs to be replaced, and the need argon arc and arc stability, high operating costs

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