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"1025" period, the development of green, low-carbon, energy saving has become a common requirement of steel downstream steel industry, as well as high-quality special steel has been officially included in the state council, "the seven strategic emerging industries", "steel consciousness "gradually spread and penetration in the steel industry; therefore the key technology needs of the market and policy support for high-quality special steel production raised urgent needs.
practice shows that the development of continuous casting technology: constant low superheat casting to improve slab quality and stable operation is essential to control the temperature of molten steel or superheat is to increase productivity, improve product quality and to improve the solidification structure of the most effective one way.
industrial test and online applications show: middle branch electric independently developed packet channel electromagnetic induction heating technology can effectively compensate tundish temperature drop and its temperature distribution, and can effectively improve the cleanliness of molten steel in tundish, reduce non-metallic inclusions. tundish channel electromagnetic induction heating technology finally realized in the division of electrical technology metallurgy continuous casting line of full coverage, a revolutionary passive temperature control continuous casting process into active control thermostat low superheat casting, and effective steel water line to reduce large temperature greatly to save energy and reduce steel consumption of refractory material, not only for the new continuous casting line for additional devices, but also very suitable for technical transformation of existing tundish. it is a bona fide low-carbon, green technology.
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