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hengyang steel tube group co., ltd is a large seamless steel pipe manufacturing enterprises. october 2010, the company expanded the product range, the introduction of 800 round round bloom caster, while selecting the company as a special high temperature lifting electromagnet lifting equipment.
according to my company site working conditions, specifically for hengyang king round billet, designed poles to the corresponding arc more effectively increase the absorption area, this magnetic reuters depth can cover the entire body, high safety factor (> 2.5). value of production for the tube 800 round and make due contributions.
site conditions 1, traffic: 20 + 20t electromagnetic hanging beam bridge crane
2, was being sucked: round billet φ400.500.600.700 length 4m-10m
φ800 length 4m-8m
3, maximum weight: 35t
4, the temperature of the object being sucked: ≤600 ℃
5, lifting way: single lifting electromagnet lifting, allowing eccentric ≤800mm 

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