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anshan iron and steel company is china's large iron and steel production base, the ministry of railways in order to increase capacity and save resources to implement large-scale speed train, for angang to assume a key part - one hundred meters of heavy rail production, the company undertook to provide security for the one hundred meters of heavy rail major task easy spreader. the field of long-term safe and reliable operation, the performance indicators have reached the technical requirements of the praise angang.

working parameters:
heavy rail dimensions: bottom wide 75mm, 150mm wide at the end of a single maximum total length of 100m
heavy rail weight: 60kg / m each lifting 7 total maximum weight of 42t
supporting driving parameters:
taxi speed 132m / min trolley speed of 54.9m / min lifting speed 16.7m / min lifting height 7.4m bicycle lane hook from the total rated load of 96t 8m

suction surface to the upper surface of 75mm duty td = 50%

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