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- hunan branch electric co. research and development of high-voltage inverter energy saving of 30%
xiao-dan wu yu panxia
"as long as you have a big motor, we can help you saving." hunan branch electric co., ltd., general manager of zou yinan talking about companies use high-tech, high-voltage inverter series production cshf make big motors saving 30% -60% look look of pride.
as we all know, high-voltage motor applications is extremely broad, it is the main driving force in the mining industry, metallurgy, steel, chemicals, sewage treatment and other industries large and medium-sized factories and mines for drag fans, pumps, compressors and various large machinery, its energy consumption accounts for more than 70% of total energy consumption of the motor, which are mostly in the mechanical power of up to several hundred or even thousands of kilowatts, thousands of kilowatts of electricity they consume is very striking. wastage is also reflected in the long-term work is not in most rated capacity, but often only 50% -70% or even lower output. and a lot of this type of machine using a constant speed ac drive, with baffles, reflux valve or air discharge adjustment method, and baffle opening usually only reach about 45%, about 50% of the energy is lost in vain, fans, pump power, the more serious losses, known as the "electric tiger."
china's energy-saving power electronics field, is facing new challenges. on the one hand, high-voltage inverter technology content, difficult, high research and development costs, only a few large international companies manufacturing high-voltage inverter. on the other hand, the total of medium and large enterprises high-voltage motor capacity of 150 million kw, annual consumption in the high-voltage electrical energy accounts for 31.5% of national electricity consumption, particularly noteworthy is the efficiency of energy production and utilization, efficiency and world there is a big difference compared to the level of advanced, high-energy-consuming products unit energy consumption higher than the average level of developed countries about 40%, energy consumption per unit output value is 2.3 times the world average. to solve the problem of high energy consumption, in addition to other related technical issues need to be improved, the frequency conversion technology to become energy-saving and effective measures to improve the quality of products, high-voltage inverter is mounted to an average of more than 30% energy saving, we can see that china power electronics, energy saving tremendous potential for my business.
high-voltage inverter as a new high-tech products, from the beginning of foreign brands occupy most of the market, domestic enterprises in recent years, there had been some improvement in product development, but has not changed the point of dominance foreign products pattern. china's huge market has become the focus of multinational inverter inroads. the earliest japanese companies to enter china, the chinese market has done in-depth research and careful investigation, targeted to launch products suitable for china's national conditions, there are outspoken highest point of the market more than 60% of european companies such product quality and high yield, capacity, the price is expensive, about 30% share; straight positive domestic brand market share is very low, and low-grade products, face a huge potential market, many domestic enterprises to seize the strategic vision of the market. in the face of opportunities and challenges, hunan branch electric co., ltd. leadership, calmly observe and analyze the market, aimed at saving the commanding heights of power electronics field, daring finalized, decisive decision-making, in cooperation with the school of electrical engineering, hunan university to develop new energy-saving high-voltage inverter.
how to effectively implement the national "energy-saving and long-term special plan" for the period of the "eleventh five" to achieve the motor system efficiency by 2 percentage points, the formation of the new year capacity of 200 million kilowatts goals? scientists hunan branch electric always has a lofty sense of responsibility and mission, ltd. began tackling difficult. hunan branch electric co., ltd. is a high-tech products has many years of experience in business electromagnets, electromagnetic stirrer, electronic control products, has long been engaged in electrical and electrical appliances, electronics and power transmission, control theory and control engineering in young scientists and intellectuals experienced production team; electrical and information engineering, hunan university, long-term partner; has hosted and participated in the national "nine five", "fifteen" key project, and have received a number of provincial reward, there is in the intelligent motor control, permanent magnet synchronous generator computer integrated manufacturing system, cims ac motor theory and application of in-depth study, the high-voltage inverter technology development projects have the right, rational structure, power electronics, aspects of motor control and intelligent information technology with rich theoretical knowledge and practical work experience, production, laboratory equipment, research and development capabilities with the project. through many years of research in high-power frequency conversion system, the multi-level inverter dtc control technology has made significant progress, the shortcomings of technology by increasing the number of voltage space vector model to improve the flux distortion, and large torque ripple in the new inverter system, power supply and low-frequency electromagnetic stirring pump speed control system application showing good results.
hard work pays off, company researchers day and night research, and finally at the end of 2006, successfully developed two sets of high-voltage inverter. in march, these two sets of high-voltage inverter in tangshan city, hebei province, hangzhou special steel put into operation six months results showed that the energy-saving more than 30%, so this special steel and achieved significant economic benefits. recently, a group of high-voltage inverter will be sent to three large water supply and drainage plant. zou yi difficult to talk about the future when the chairman, spoke with confidence, high voltage inverter will play an important role in the national key projects construction. he said: "natural gas and oil from west to east, the south and other large projects, and both are major energy consumer how to make these big energy becomes 'energy saving' large and high-power high-voltage inverter applications will be.? these are big energy consumers 'energy saving' is an important measure. "he also spoke of the" fifth "period, the state funding for the transformation into electricity more than 7,000 billion, while the current annual increase of generating capacity of 30 million kilowatts, the new additional power capacity needed to transform high-voltage motors up to 750,000 ten million a year. this part of the tower needs only drive, nearly 100 billion market share. 60% of electricity used in industrial, and high pressure air, high pressure pumps, electricity consumption has accounted for 60% of industrial electricity consumption. according to statistics, the annual consumption of high-voltage motors up to 800 million degrees. applications such as high-voltage inverter transformation, the minimum amount of energy saving of 20% per year energy savings of 20 billion kilowatts hour, can save more than 10 billion yuan.

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