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product description

xining special steel built a 150 × 150 five of the five-strand billet caster in 2005, due to the function of the device is simple, poor quality billet, the entire production line to ensure the efficient varieties of commission for baotou hospital caster series of transformation, due to increased production at home and abroad our first patented product (patent number: 2006200516092) brass built-in air-core electromagnetic stirring equipment, electromagnetic stirring this structure than the ordinary type flat line winding outside water-cooled electromagnetic stirring with a long iron core, magnetic stirring effective area length, good metallurgical results, long life, power, water, security and other advantages, is a high-performance, high-profile, the best equipment and efficient continuous casting.

equipment package in may 2006, the first successful hot test, so far, the system is stable, metallurgical effect is very obvious, more than the old west steel wire continuous caster + the end of the combined effect of electromagnetic stirring to give west steel praise.

a continuous casting machine parameters
flow: 5 5 flow machine arc radius: 8 m slab size: 150 × 150
steel: medium and low carbon steel, alloy steel flow spacing: 1200mm

second, the parameters of electromagnetic stirring
model: dmjr-310cnfl type: water-cooled air-core brass mold built-in, three-phase rotating magnetic field
structure: kelan mu winding way center magnetic induction: ≥900gs
current rating: 300a maximum voltage: 400v apparent power: 180kva active power: 48kva
core height: 380mm pressure: 0.5 ~ 0.7mpa

third, the metallurgical results
1, the average casting speed increased from 2.0m / min to 2.8m / min;
2, breakout accidents decreased from 0.08% to 0.03%;
3, chilled slab thickness from the 3 ~ 6mm to 10 ~ 15mm;
4, slab equiaxed average rate of increase of 36%;
5, high-carbon steel central carbon segregation index an average of 0.08.

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