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innovation ability construction mobilization meeting and annual technology innovation award 2014 award ceremony-凯时手机娱乐app下载

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innovation capacity building in the electrical division will mobilize cum technology innovation award 2014 award ceremony was held on april 22, 2015. technology innovation award this year a total of 114 development and innovation projects, two patents and software 凯时手机娱乐app下载 copyrights, three and a conference papers published in chinese core journals rewarded "casting" of academic articles. compared with 2013 year 80 award-winning science and technology innovation projects significant growth. three of the major research and innovation projects: "xingcheng tundish induction heating complete systems", "magnetic mixed suspension magnet,""electromagnetic stirrer modular development" won a special prize.
innovation capacity building in 2014 to mobilize the conference and the conference on science and technology innovation award, general manager mr. liu yi stressed: the company is streamlining policy this year, austerity, but then how compression operating costs, it will not reduce the incentives for technological innovation investment. the company set up technology innovation award, is fully affirmed and highly appraised the hard work of scientists, we should continue to attach importance to lead and support the role of science and technology, strengthen basic research and strategic high-tech research and concentrate on the organization of joint innovation, cross-sector innovation, breakthroughs in key technologies, accelerate the development of strategic new products for the company's products won the sustained competitiveness.

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