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november 5 afternoon, innovation and development of innovation projects ministry organized the project will be assessed on two innovative projects carried out the project evaluation.
the meeting mainly for reporting and review of the project by two innovative projects in the first instance. each project team take ppt presentations, on-site to answer, etc., show the background and significance of the declaration of the project, the content of the main content, the project targets, the main innovation, the implementation of programs, the technical director liai wu, general manager liu yi, deputy general manager and project review panel operations director xu zhonghua, vice president and marketing director yao wave, vice president and chief financial officer zhang zuoliang, technical specialist project team consisting of li yuehua on market outlook, technical innovations, new technologies were key question proposed content of each core research team, technical guidance and development process should be a matter of concern, according to the company, "innovation management system" review the procedures and requirements, members of the group for each topic are given a clear comprehensive review comments . after the assessment panel discussion, vote, think that two issues are in line with the requirements of the project be approved, but requires each team according to opinions and suggestions to the proposed members of the group to further organize the project application materials and additions.
this review is the innovation management system after the new company organized a first pilot project review meeting, marking the company's innovation management officially entered the implementation phase of the implementation, the company opened a new chapter full of innovation. by convening this innovative project approval will be assessed, first, to promote each project team members, especially the project manager can systematically written project application materials to conduct a careful combing the second is so that all project team members to conduct a full exchange and communication, and most importantly, through this review will be to promote the study and exchange of relevant departments, in order to further promote the innovation system has laid a good foundation.

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