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electric center - one of the main research and development technology, the company since its founding, it is positioned in the high-tech field, focus on the development and design of various types of high-power power and automation products.

strong technical force
dec has a strong r & d team: the existing members of more than 80 percent for undergraduate and higher education, and all members have more than three years of work experience.

electrical center with hunan university, national defense science and technology university and other research institutes to establish a long-term strategic technology partnerships, and take the road of combining production and research, the company's power products and automation technology products has always been to keep pace with the world advanced level.

improve the experimental base

dec independent product experimental base, covers an area of approximately 200 m² and has a perfect domestic first-class debugging complete sets of testing equipment, can achieve power products and automation products, testing, experimentation, but also complete sets of products linking electromagnetic stirring sub-harmonic detection.

advanced technical achievements

dec has 20 patents and a number of research projects won national and provincial research awards. winners of the main research results are as follows:

time item

project name

reward title


large enterprises integrated energy-saving electrical key technology and application

national science and technology progress award


advanced power control method and the application of electronic and hybrid systems mixing

hunan province technological invention award


metallurgical special power electronic conversion power topology and control method and its application

china machinery industry science and technology award


metallurgical special power supply system key technology and equipment and its application

state technological invention award second prize


two-phase inverter power system and its integrated control method

china patent gold award

mature product
independent research and development of low-voltage variable frequency electrical control system as ems overall solution important part, can achieve automatic control and software adjustment electromagnetic stirring parameters, combined with operating software and company-specific metallurgical parameters database, you can ensure that ems adapt to different kinds of steel it needs to be running optimally, improve the quality of metallurgical products, and expand the continuous casting method of providing strong support.
in the production of low-voltage electrical frequency control system, make a further technical extension study, produced a power unit in series multi-level voltage source inverter high pressure, stable performance, fully automatic control, energy-saving effect is obvious, its zero inductor technology, bumpless switching technology, multi-channel trigger signal technology in the domestic leading position.
independently developed using phase-shifting transformer powered non-harmonic electromagnetic induction tundish thermostat (low superheat) refinery power from the project to the final shape has made creative breakthrough. the power supply use a number of patented core technologies: high frequency energy saving technology cascade redundant power supply technology, high-power special compensation technology to improve power factor of green technology, switching technology without interference, dynamic temperature monitoring and early warning technology, leakage protection technology .
rectification control device within the user mining, outdoor cabinet protective structure, reasonable circuit design, complete protection function, the signal displays eye-catching, easy maintenance, performance, safety and reliability. performance specifications and varieties of products in the domestic leading position, and has been used in baosteel, wuhan iron and steel, shougang, anshan iron and steel, maanshan steel and other large steel companies, as well as mining, light industry, power plants, refractory materials, food processing and other industries, it plays a huge role.
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