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fifth zhongke of electrical and technological innovation prize awards ceremony ended-凯时手机娱乐app下载

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zhongke electrical cum 2013 fifth annual science and technology innovation prize and awards ceremony recently ended. technology innovation award this year a total of 72 development and innovation projects, six patents and software 凯时手机娱乐app下载 copyrights, two chinese core journals published in "china metallurgy" and "foundry technology" professional academic articles rewarded. compared with the 2012 47 award-winning science and technology innovation projects significant growth. four of the major research and innovation projects: "after the roll-type electromagnetic stirring slab design optimization", "large-size electromagnetic stirring development", "electromagnetic coupling analysis of temperature field", "type of output phase current balance adjustment mode" to get a special prize.
on the science and technology innovation awards ceremony, general manager mr. zou yinan stressed: the company has always focus on their own transformation and upgrading, innovation and actively developing new products, the company buck the trend, the company has laid a solid foundation for sustainable development. the company set up technology innovation award, is fully affirmed and highly appraised the hard work of scientists, we should continue to attach importance to lead and support the role of science and technology, strengthen basic research and strategic high-tech research, focusing on breakthroughs in key technologies, speed up the development of strategic new products for the company's products won the sustained competitiveness. at the same time, also for the optimization of management innovation business operations; marketing innovation to expand market share and influence.
we will constantly improve the innovation incentive reward system, creating technological innovation, management innovation, marketing innovation both innovative atmosphere,zhongke of everlasting in the fierce market competition.


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