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recently, the company signed with shanxi taigang stainless steel unit 3 3 stream side / round billet electromagnetic stirring equipment procurement contracts.
shanxi taigang stainless steel co., ltd. is the largest stainless steel production base, one of the important international steel producers also.
prior to this project, tisco is the only one company has been using imported steel electromagnetic stirring complete sets of equipment, this also through several visits, after careful comparison, the final choice of our products. although this single contract amount is not big, only 1.3221 million yuan, but tisco pioneered the use of domestic electromagnetic stirring complete sets of equipment of its kind, also realized in the division of electrical equipment electromagnetic stirring desire comprehensive coverage of domestic steel mills, has significant strategic significance.
the company will redouble efforts to painstaking efforts, and constantly develop innovative products, electromagnetic stirring complete sets of equipment to achieve the company's major steel mills around the world grand goal!

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