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intermediate bulk package electromagnetic induction heating and refining apparatus in xingcheng special hot test successfully-凯时手机娱乐app下载

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may 6, 2014, in the middle of the company independently developed and refined package electromagnetic induction heating device in jiangyin xingcheng special steel hot test successfully. the hot test is successful, xingtai iron and steel is the second after a formal use of domestic steel prices in the middle of our company's package of new products.
xingcheng special steel in support of leaders and relevant departments, equipment hot test a success. the hot test apparatus further test the stability of the high-capacity tundish heating capacity of the system, anti-interference ability and rationality and reliability refractories.
this item hot test is successful, the device is stable and reliable, metallurgical effect is obvious, positive impact on steel companies will be more conducive to the marketing of the device, to create greater benefits for the company.

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