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zhongke electric for the 2014 eighth china international steel congress  -凯时手机娱乐app下载

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to "reform, innovation, cooperation" as the theme of the eighth china international steel congress on may 17 - the 20th was held in beijing. baosteel, wuhan iron and steel, us steel union, tata steel, danieli, siemens vai like inside and outside the well-known steel companies and metallurgical equipment suppliers attend the meeting, and at the meeting wonderful speech, i also invited to attend the meeting. during the meeting, representatives of the company and an active exchange of domestic and foreign counterparts to learn new techniques and new technology in the steel industry, to introduce my company to fill the gaps in the new products - the "intermediate package electromagnetic induction heating and refining apparatus" and "multi-mode plate bad casting mold electromagnetic stirring and flow control technology, "caused a lot of interest and attention of participants.

china international steel congress jointly organized by the china iron and steel association and the international iron and steel institute, has now become the domestic steel industry's highest level, the largest event. the event, to lead the transformation of china's steel industry development, reform, innovation, cooperation and take the road of sustainable development cycle. zhongke electric as china's steel metallurgy industry leading enterprises, will take this opportunity to vigorously develop innovative technology to provide quality services, is committed to contribute to the development of china's iron and steel industry, china's steel round the dream of power.


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