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in response to the call of mission city, may 18, youth league youth league organizations in 40 junshan hongyu ecological park launched a three-day outdoor quality development activities. the theme of the event is "unite the power of youth to build a happy • branch." outward bound program through personal experience, enhance teamwork, interpersonal communication control methods and techniques, the full development potential of individuals, the power of perception of personality. 

the activities include camp icebreaker - relax you and me, tram - unite you and me, thunder drums - you and me a tacit agreement, the military beat war - the friendship you and me four projects. players were randomly divided into two teams, two players at the event whole-heartedly, team work, mutual trust, give full play to the spirit of teamwork to overcome the difficulties together to complete each project, to share the joy of success. the event not only enhance the cohesion of the team, we also cultivate a positive attitude and high sense of responsibility, so that we deeply appreciate the strength of the team and the importance of mutual cooperation.

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