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in august 2014, my company and hunan university jointly developed patent "two-phase inverter power system and its integrated control method" won the 16th china patent prize, hunan patent award. this award, for improving the visibility of the company and further incentive for companies to enhance the capability of independent innovation, enterprises pay more attention to lead yueyang city intellectual property strategy, enhance core competitiveness, will play a positive role in promoting.

for the blockade of foreign technology and high-current fast changing equal international problems, the patented gold project proposes a two-phase power supply system and a high-current fast track approach, with multiple power output current frequency and phase control and magnetic short-circuit loop technology, developed china's first megawatt power electromagnetic stirring equipment, so that equiaxed rate of special steel increased to over 50%. using this patented technology to produce special steel has been applied to the three gorges dam ship lock, "bird's nest" and other major projects.

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