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zhongke electric for the 2014 second session of the national high magnetic field metallurgy and materials science conference-凯时手机娱乐app下载

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sponsored by the chinese society for metals, metallurgy and materials science zhongke of the strong magnetic field, inner mongolia university of technology and northeastern university co-sponsored the "second national metallurgy and materials science meeting strong magnetic field" in 2014 august 20 to 23 in baotou, inner mongolia held in the city.
this session aims to focus metallurgy and strong magnetic field of materials science research, development and application of technology and equipment, to carry out a wide range of academic seminars and technical exchanges, deepen and promote applied research in the field to discuss the future direction of development. meeting by the chinese academy of sciences, qinghua university, northeastern university, dalian university of technology, shanghai university, inner mongolia university of science and technology, anshan iron and steel and other well-known universities and business experts attend the meeting, i also invited to attend the meeting. during the meeting, deputy secretary general of chinese society for metals, professor su tiansen made a speech, and the steel industry, a number of issues were discussed green development, he pointed out, metallurgy technology as 2014--2015 years focused on promoting technology. dalian university of technology professor li tingju been called "electromagnetic continuous casting of copper alloy study," discusses the application of horizontal continuous casting billet brass. chinese academy of sciences professor jin shusuo national natural made a "pulse magnetic field solidified superalloys" report discusses the low-voltage electromagnetic pulse magnetic field of an active exchange of learning on the grain refinement, company representatives and experts superalloys electromagnetic field of metallurgy and new technologies report new developments made to the participants called "multi-polar wide domestic development slab mold electromagnetic stirring device", causing a lot of attention and interest of experts and professors.
metallurgy and strong magnetic field of scientific material, as a new frontier research areas internationally, at home and abroad in recent years has been developing rapidly. branch electric as china's steel metallurgy industry leading enterprises, will continue to increase research and development efforts in the field of metallurgy, deepening the use of new technology, new technology, providing customers with more quality services, dedicated to the achievements of china's iron and steel power dream.

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