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our company was rated as yueyang city, the first batch of scientific research management integrity unit-凯时手机娱乐app下载

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yueyang city science and technology bureau for the implementation of the "decision on the establishment of credit management system at the national science and technology plan management", accelerate the construction of research management and disclosure of credit information sharing mechanism, to further promote the construction of credit system yueyang city science and technology, for the past five years through the implementation of the commitment and national, provincial science and technology enterprises, municipal science and technology projects, the project organization and credit performance in the use of funds, a comprehensive evaluation, the selection of 10 high-tech enterprises.

among them, the company and subsidiaries in hunan yue magnetic high-tech co., ltd. was named the first batch of research management integrity unit, and i selected the company ranked first. the selection for me to declare the results of scientific research in recent years, the company affirmed the implementation of the research situation of trust and support for the progress of scientific research, but also inspire us to further strengthen the construction of scientific credit system, improve the scientific management level, continue to maintain a good scientific reputation, safeguard honest and trustworthy corporate image and do an exemplary job of the city's science and technology enterprise research management demonstration units.

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