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with dazzling multicolored lights touching melody and youth, at 16:00 on december 31, 2014 in the electrical division 2015 annual awards ceremony was held in the new year's party in the division of electrical cafeteria on the second floor.

central branch electric beauty who bring dynamic dance "rapture" field-oriented party opened a wonderful prelude. impassioned song "chinese people" so that employees and their families are passionate, witty comedy "candidates""laughed fruit" full, hilariously amused audience. romantic passion of latin dance, "mr. dream" soft and bold, some like it hot, giving another a different kind of beauty. unique sitcom "on the road" so that employees feel the branch electric employees live outside: tedious work, irregular work and rest. finally, through the streets of the dance "little apple" gorgeous curtain call. evening program of varied and ingenuity, dance, song, comedy and games are a perfect match, the integration of eastern and western cultural elements, modern and ancient.

2014 branch electrical unusual year, the company made an entry fruit, while behind the emergence of a number of other advanced pong exemplary role of employees, their tireless struggle in their jobs. they are not doing a job, but to work as a responsibility and achievements of their opportunities, they firmly believe that as long as the intention to do it, we can do it!

finally, ms. yu, chairman of the new electrical division, general manager of mr. liu yi on behalf of the company's leadership to come to the party scene of the majority of employees and the families of new year message. they summed up the year 2014 in the division of electrical achievements, while new developments in 2015 in the division of electrical placed blessings and hope, for the party draw a satisfactory conclusion.

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